Virtual Coaching

It's available anytime. Online coaching provides access to support and development, even outside of traditional business hours. It's accessible anywhere. We aren't limited by geographic limitations, so matches are based on fit, rather than proximity. It reduces environmental impacts. Online coaching eliminates the travel associated with traditional face-to-face coaching. It's virtual, not impersonal. An individualized online coaching experience gets results, yet maintains a human touch and personalized feel.



Sometimes, face-to-face interaction is more beneficial than phone calls or email. Are you a good candidate for this kind of coaching? See if person-to-person coaching is the best fit for you. Some of us just prefer direct interactions in person because they allow us the nuance that’s lost in other forms of communication. Hand gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact are all things that become lost in virtual meetings. Being able to calculate a person’s reaction based on non-verbal cues can give a better idea of just how knowledgeable you are about a particular subject.

Phone Calls

Phones are readily available. Therefore, we can use them on a short notice. Sometimes, phone calls can be used on how to get through a critical situation or an issue emerges that needs to be discussed sooner rather than later. In those cases, a brief heart-to-heart phone call, can be very helpful.

And some of us find the old saying quite true that, if one sense is missing, the other senses sharpen and find that not having a visual to distract, the listen skills, (engaged listening) and intuition really sharpen.