Now how do I work? I use the mentoring and coaching model. This model shows the difference of a direct mentoring aspect on the left side into the non-direct approach on the right side, where coaching is located. On the "directive side" side, there is the teaching which means a transfer a specific set of knowledge to a client in a way he or she could use it well afterwards. Mentoring meaning, I use my experience and support a client with solutions that worked already for me. 

When it comes to coaching "the non-directive side" I very often hear: " I am different!". Now I would be in trouble, as my experience and solutions, competencies and capabilities may or may not help here if that is right. However, this can be changed by the coaching experience, as this is the area where professional methods are used to "deal with unknowingness". I am expecting that the client would be the best expert to solve their problems. I, as a coach, support with leading the client through processes that allow him /her to access their resources and clarify their solution. This is where coaches can even help professional athletes to improve, even if they are already much better than the coach!

Now coming to the more personal aspect of mentoring and coaching that cannot be mentioned often enough: Very important in this context is the aspect of trust and honesty which need to be established as well as the confidentiality that is a given. Having an academic background and worked in an international business consultancy, methodology and structure are wired into my bone. However, I feel that a holistic approach including body, mind and soul is the best way when it comes to working with a client.